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[SOLVED] Fix Windows Shell Common Dll Has Stopped Working

Fix Windows Shell Common Dll Has Stopped Working - Quick lets solve the problem without wasting time.


You're seeing this topic, it was created after the problem was solved!



Go to Local Disk C >Windows>System32 folder. Now search for this file with a name joy.cpl copy it and save it on desktop. [saving it on desktop is like having it as a backup just incase something goes wrong we can return it back] --Then go back to Local Disk C >Windows>System32 folder and look for that file again and this time DELETE it!


Windows will reject it from being deleted, so how are we going to delete this file? No worries all you have to do is now download and install Unlocker 1.9.2


This software will help you to delete files that reject to be delete e.g there sometime a virus can be on your computer and you found the folder that its infected but your unable to delete it, so this software will be doing this work for you.


After installing, go back again to Local Disk C >Windows>System32 folder look for that file joy.cpl and right click it, you will see an additional option saying unlocker - click on it - select your action Delete.


After Deleting now the final step Go to Local Disk(C)>Windows>SysWOW64 folder. Onto this folder it has a file with same name joy.cpl. We need this file to replace the one that we had deleted earlier so copy it [dont move but just copy] now paste it in system 32 folder.


Youre done! This will solve your problem with Windows Shell Common Dll Has Stopped Working - Tested for pc joystick pads for fifa game vibration fix.


FIX Windows powershell has stopped working

This problem topic was created by many sites which turned out none had the solution. We can tell you today if you want to save time and solve this bug you will need to create a new account on your computer / laptop and assign it as an adminstrator and delete the old account. Starting a fresh account will solve this problem and windows will setup the account for you and make sure all its engines are working fine. To quick solve a Powershell bug, thats how its done!



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