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[Solved] Disable Sticky Airplane Mode on Windows 10: Easy

This topic was created after the problem was solved by Shangaza.


There two types of computers, 1 comes with a wifi button and others dont. The one with a wifi button, tested its easy to disable the sticky airplane mode by pressing Fn + Prt sc


Without wasting time, finalizing this topic, a sticky airplane mode button, the problem can occour if your computer radio management service is disabled.

You need to start the service right away so the button/icon will work properly. Below we have detailed the steps to follow:-


Press the windows button/ start and search for "Services" press it and look for the name "Radio Management Service" right click on it - click on properties Make sure its startup is Automatic.


Some computers might need to be restarted after this change -> Now Turning On/Off the button/icon will work/change without a problem.



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