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How to make 1 million shilling in 15 days: Public Likes

FOR YOUR PROTECTION, DONT BE FOOLED! PUBLIC LIKES IS A BIG SCAM. Shangaza believes that public likes became popular after being pumped with fake traffic mostly we suspect the fake traffic comes from Netherlands.

Any site that receives large traffic it automatic becomes popular.


We also believe public likes started as a single domain and later divided into subdomains- these subdomains were created to serve those countries where people are mostly desperate for example far-most, a serious company could have a thought about putting /ke ( instead on starting the country name as a full word.


We also believe these people started as financially unstable - they used people to work on their adverts and earn from the ads, also at same time, they snatched the servants money by lieing to them to upgrade their accounts. Public likes we believe each listed subdomain countries they have their agents who receive the money from the servants who try to upgrade and they divide this money - some being transfered overseas.


The domain age is 115 Days this is a warning telling you to give it time before dealing with it / sending your money to it. A certified business should be at least 3 - 5yrs of age on the internet. To continue, facebook did block public likes url from being posted on their site - its easy to see but desperation is killing many. Please leave it and look for a Job or try other means like gambling on sportpesa where you can withdraw your money at anytime.

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