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Why My Game Crashed? Not all windows 10 versions work [SOLVED]

First Installing Windows - We like playing pc games, tested most of the windows 10 versions and the only one that still works fine is '' Home single language '' version. This version when installed without updating anything via " windows update '' will work fine!


Not letting it update means installing it while its offline no internet! [^ Installing a new windows 10 and choosing keep nothing - it will not delete your files but put them on a single separate folder '' Windows.old ''  you will find itLocal Disk C://>Windows.old There you can copy and paste back the files - so dont worry. ^]


Once you install the version successfully, click the start button at the bottom and type/search for '' services '' click on it - when it opens, scroll down and select '' Windows Update '' check on left side if there is stop service, stop it! After that Right click on '' Windows Update '' -> click properties - and check box startup -> change automatic to - disabled. Save the setting by clicking apply.


This will stop windows from updating but it doesnt mean it cant reactivate, you will only have buyed time to continue with the next step


Doing it now via registry! On registry you will have all options including bluetooth, ethernet, wifi and you can set all as metered network. This means even when you forget to set a new wifi network as metered your registry will cover you already!

[Windows likes to update from a network which is not metered. You need to change it on registry quickly before it starts to update and force you to reinstall windows again]


How to set all connection as metered on Windows 10 Registry

Use the Windows key + R to open the Run command, type regedit, and click OK to open the Windows registry.

Browse the following path:



Right-click the DefaultMediaCost key and select Permissions.


On the Security tab, click the Advanced button.


Next to TrustedInstaller, click the Change link.


Type your username, and click the Check Names button to make sure you're typing the correct object. First is the computer name then the name that displays when you sign onto your laptop. As shown below '' Adminstrators '' is the name that display when am logging into my pc.


Click OK.
On the Advanced Security Settings for DefaultMediaCost, check the "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects".


Click Apply.
Click OK.
On Permissions for DefaultMediaCost, select the Administrators group, and then make sure to check the allow Full Control box


On the DefaultMediaCost key, you'll find different entries, including for 3G, 4G, Default, Ethernet, and WiFi with their default data values: 1 or 2. The data value 1 means that the connection type is non-metered, and the data value of 2 means that the connection type is metered. Double-click one by one with DWORD (32-bit) Value key, and change them value to 2


Close the registry and restart your computer to complete the process.


Making your Game not to crash

NOW connect it to internet - update all your drives if needed. With all drivers, Audio, Mouse synaptics pointing, all in all '' A Graphic driver '' has to be installed!


Also Activating windows while on internet [ Download ] once downloaded double click it / run it as administrator - the file activates all windows for free!


Video games require little drivers to be installed too. Download one by one and install

-> Direct X 12 [Download]

-> Microsoft Silverlight [Download]

-> Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0 [Download]

-> NVIDIA PhysX System Software [Download]

No need to install microsoft visual c++ runtime 12.0 or any other infact avoid them!


Thats all! Contact us if you need further assistant

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