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A program screen blocking taskbar windows [SOLVED]

This topic explains how to solve a problem that occurs in windows. Sometime when using your computer and it stucks or slow down and you try to kill or end a program that cause the problem and its unable to end, and you try to open taskbar by pressing and holding alt + crtl + del and with the magic shortcuts , taskbar opens but its window opens below the stuck program, well this is how to solve it. We call it overlapping


Press and hold windows button ⊞ Win + Tab after that look at the bottom you will see new desktop, click on it - then click on your new generated desktop, the stuck desktop is always desktop 1 so click onto desktop 2.


Finishing... When on your new desktop press and hold crtl + shift + esc that one will open the taskbar and options for ending a program not responding will be available. Click on the program to highlight it and at the bottom End task!

To return to desktop 1 Press and hold windows button ⊞ Win + Tab again and select desktop 1. Cheers!

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