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Best software for Image compressor online bytes not size

Its really a pain when you search for an image compressor online and you try to use google and it gives out the recommended sites on first page and none seem to do the work for you. That is so bad, aint it?


One thing we need to know about image compressing is whether you want to reduce its size, by size i mean its bytes whether kb, mb or gb haha i smiled because i imagined if a gb photo really exists .. back to the topic - reducing its size only by bytes but not resizing its pixel - that is what we all look for.


Simply this topic will help you to resize an image but not its pixel. You will find some sites telling you to compress an image but you later find the image becomes small by its pixels that ain't good at all!


If you want to compress your images and have them with in small bytes but same size use this site : once on there at the top click open choose computer select your image, when it loads on screen, click on save then computer now reduce the quality by using the horizontal scroll bar.


Befunky also has loads of features you will like it .. Enjoy!

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