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5 DStv channels we secretly love to watch

Here's our list of the top five TV channels that you will secretly love to watch:


Telemundo (Channel 118)

If you’re looking for some escape, this is definitely the channel for you. It gets a lot of flack for its badly dubbed Spanish soap operas but these faults are easily over looked when the sexy stars heat up the screen. With themes of betrayal, power, love and lust the plots will have you secretly coming back for more. Catch The Del Monte Dynasty, Forbidden Passions, Labour of Love, Cruel Love, Queen of the South and Behind Closed Doors every evening from 15:30 to 18:50. If you miss that you can catch all the repeats from 19:40 to 22:10.


Blackbelt TV (Channel 129)

Kicks, flicks and chicks’, for the martial arts fanatic! This 24 hour channel features classic martial arts movies, series, anime, interviews with stars and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fights from around the world. Catch all the greats like Jackie Chan, Dolph Lundgren, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Jet Li and Bruce Lee. Warning: this channel might make you want to try out some martial arts moves.


TLC Entertainment (Channel 172)

When it comes to the most quirky unbelievable reality shows, TLC is queen! After all, it is the home of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. There’s a reality show out there for everyone and you will probably find it on TLC. In their line up: Say Yes to the Dress, Long Island Medium, The Sisterhood, Sex sent me to the ER and Best Funeral Ever to name a few. You’ll cringe while watching some of these shows but they do make for addictive viewing.


Discovery ID (Channel 171)

This channel will keep you awake at night in more ways than one. It takes you into the world of investigation, forensic analysis and true crime stories. If you fancy yourself an amateur sleuth you can 'play along' to unravel the mystery and piece together the puzzle.


Sony Max (Channel 128)

Labelled the 'male channel' it is home to some of the most quirky game shows. Ever heard of Killer Karaoke? You’ve got to check it out on this channel. Some of the other highlights include: 1000 ways to die, Fonejacker, Deadliest Warrior, World’s Widest Police Chases and the very popular Takeshi's Castle.

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