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Delayed payment can affect a driver or pilot avoid accident

When a driver or a pilot who is not paid like for 6 months, it can influence their concentration to avoid an accident which is just secs about to occur


While stress itself is not necessarily problematic, the buildup of cortisol in the brain can have long-term effects. Thus, chronic stress can lead also to health problems. Imagine how you would feel if you encountered a bear in the woods. Your heart might start racing and you might start breathing heavily. You might freeze in place, unable to move out of fear


Stress is the mental and physical state humans feel when they experience something difficult or threatening. Stress can come from many different sources one including the unpaid salaries.


A driver / a pilot working on a company that is having financial difficulties, should leave the work because if his not paid well, it might affect him and the situation may make him unable to avoid an accident.



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