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Hi, we all know that shangaza has been genuine with what it says and its been a while since we started this business and for sure we have build relationships with people that we have never met in real life and coming to our realization is that those who make profits are those who choose to max bet on a single match. Am not saying multi bets don't work, but obvious single match are more safe! By so we created different packages with prices that are affordable to anyone willing to join, plus its great all subscription come with refunds making our work more honest to you. Below is an explanation on how to choose a package and how refunds work


There 2 packages that we brandished

All Sent via SMS / EMAIL

350sh for 1 day - This one is for small gamblers also people who want to try us for the first time. Before paying, you need to have sh1000 stake on Sportpesa Untouched. Then you Mpesa sh350 for joining fee, on that day you will receive 2 separate bet slips each with odds 2.30 making the two total 5 odds. First tip comes at 14:00 and other at 17:00. If you pay late 14:00 on wards, you will receive the late tip only and other one on next day.


Refunds for 350sh

When you subscribe on this package you are only allowed to stake with total sh1000, that is 500sh on first tip and 500sh on second tip, so a total usage will be 1350sh and so your refund will be sh675. Is that not a good deal for you? Please note screenshots are required before completing a refund.


700sh package for 7 days - This package is for people wanting success on betting. Per day you will receive odds ranging from 1.55 - 2.00 per betslip and you will have only 1 bet slip per day! Per bet you will bet with sh1000. For example 1000 x 1.70 = 1,700 with 700sh profit daily target.


Refunds for sh700 package

Refunds are done only if you lose on first day of subscription. What does that mean? After you mpesa sh700 for joining, and you bet with sh1000 and lose on the first day, you will receive a refund for sh1030 for continuation. Please note a refund cant be made if you didn't follow the rules. Screenshots are also required for successful refund.


Abroad members how to join?

If you don't have mpesa in your area you are allowed to pay via paypal. A total of $30 will cover you for 1 week and is to be sent on paypal account:


All in all the idea of refund was generated to increase the luck for you in your success. Try us today. Welcome!




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