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Meaning of butterfly all colors explained

If you happen to see one flying around you

meanings could be bad or good


Yellow Butterfly 
Yellow butterflies are not easy omens as they predict sudden life change. Sailors spotting a yellow butterfly – or for other traditions any butterfly at all – prior embarking, was a sign that this will be their last journey.

However, yellow butterflies are not omens of Death but a sign to wake up, because a New Life is awaiting for us! We need to conjure all our mental clarity as we are going to face a challenge which required our alertness and creativity.


Orange Butterfly
Spotting an orange butterfly is usually a sign that we need to stay active and optimistic. An opportunity or a change is coming and we have to conjure all our enthusiasm to get the most out of this situation.

Is this a new job, a new romantic partner, a new friend? Orange Butterflies predict that a change is coming and we have to go out and grab this opportunity.


Red Butterfly
According to the Native American tradition, spotting a red butterfly by chance is an omen of very important, life-changing news. Something huge is coming towards you. Also, as butterflies symbolize the souls of the dead, a red butterfly is a symbol of a very powerful spirit watching over you. Why? Probably because of this important things that’s coming your way.

Hence, Red Butterflies demand respect. If treated in a bad way, bad luck will come to the person that harms it according to some eastern traditions. So be extra careful when spotting a red butterfly. You will soon find out why.


Green Butterfly
A green butterfly is an omen of Good Luck, growth and abundance. It certainly tells us that we are on the right track. Moreover, if the Green Butterfly is flying over our head making circles, wealth and healing is on its way.

If green butterflies are spotted indoors then good luck will come to the ones who live there. Also, it may mean promotion, success or unexpected good news like pregnancy or marriage.


Blue Butterfly
These enchanting butterflies are believed to grant wishes and make dreams come true. However, there’s a catch. One should not give up. Difficulties might be presented and cause may seem lost. However, if you insist, things will change rapidly. Do not despair.

Also, a Blue Butterfly will grant you protection over evil magic and malicious spirits. Are you under a curse? Time to break free and spread your wings.


Brown Butterfly
The soil colored butterflies is an omen of important – usually good – news. A probably delayed and long-awaited answer will come to you. Something you’ve been awaiting for too long. This will help you flourish anew, signifying a fresh beginning. Hence, a brown butterfly is considered a good omen, although patience is required.

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