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Chelah Yegon video that everyone is looking for sextape

A Kenyan lady, who has dominated the talk on social media platforms, has finally broken her silence over her viral sex tape. Chelah Yegon has dismissed claims that she was a pornstar on a mission to release more videos to the public.


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Her sex tapes found their way into the unforgiving Internet, sending shock waves across earth! One of the tapes showed her having anal s*x while on all fours, as his s*x partner restrains her with a strap around her neck.


Another video showed her in a bathtub, totally naked as she cuddles her guava and boobs. Her other multiple nude photos also leaked online. Now, Chelah has spoken about the s*x tapes and her nude photos. Well, this young lass candidly came out to talk about the sex tape a day ago using her Facebook account, revealing that she does not care about what people think, because she is planning to release another video, but people have to pay for it.


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