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Why Students Hate Writing Assignments?

I took a white paper and started to write when teacher gave assignment to write. I don’t know why, really I hate writing assignment papers. Therefore I couldn’t complete it perfectly. Not only me but also so many students hate writing papers.


Assignments are inevitable tasks of academic life. As a student, we have to write, journaling, paragraph writing, dissertation, essay writing, etc. Students need a well descriptive writing instruction to compost a good assignment paper and to communicate well. Students, who are forced to write without adequate instruction and guidance, tend to grow a hatred for writing. There are so many reasons for this hatred.


Lack of preparation and writing skill:

A good writing skill must be developed so that students have to write a paper interestingly without grammar or spelling mistakes. If they do not know how to write various sentence structures efficiently they stops writing and seek help from custom essay writing service. Internet provides easy way to find online custom essay writing service and to complete their work without stress. But it should not be encouraged. A good essay paper is completed through some step-by-step process such as brainstorming the idea, outlining, composing the draft and writing the final copy.


Complexity of the subject:

Writing is tough for many students. Some are not able to understand what actually the topic mean. Many approach writing sensitively and not understanding that a right way exists. This right way should be taught in the classroom itself at the time of giving assignments. Otherwise should try to understand the concrete way of writing using any other resources such as sample paper, internet or articles. The writing process of brainstorm, outline, rough draft and final copy, gives students the confidence needed to jump into any writing assignment, even higher level essay papers.


Require more time:

For most of the students, writing requires too much extra effort. Even though a student has necessary skills to write a paper, writing frustrates many, because it take more time to make research and to then to write. Hatred may lead to stress which may affect student’s health badly. To save the time they may choose custom essay writing service, but it is not a good practice. All custom essay writing service is not genuine, and you may get plagiarized papers.


Lack of confidence:

Different varieties of writing structures are exist, but try to know at least basic structures. The fear of failure removes when students have enough Language skill and proper guidance. Then they can get to the task at hand and will try to write.


Build self-confidence through proper planning and preparation.


I completed my academic life. Now I am realizing the use of writing assignments. Due to the lack of good writing skill I hated writing, didn’t try to achieve the writing skill. Student should approach writing assignments interestingly with love. Parents and teachers must help them to overcome stress and fear.

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