10 Most Expensive Events In The World - Why They Will Change Your Life
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Whether you’re into sports, fashion, or history, we all like going to events. While we might not like the same events, we enjoy the company of people who do, which means that there’s something out there for everyone. However, it might be beyond your price range.

If you want to attend normal events like a concert or a basketball game or a comedy show, it would be unlikely that you’d have to spend more than $200, but if you want to attend a spaceflight, dinner with a celebrity, a concert inside a glacier, or the several other highly sought-after events in this video, you could be paying as much as $35 million.

Yes, many of the most desirable events on planet Earth can only be attended by the megarich. These include high profile events like the Super Bowl, the tickets of which sold for an average of over $5,000 in 2018, and the NBA finals, where courtside seats can cost a person as much as $76,000. There’s also The Masters, for which people are willing to pay over $100,000 for a ticket that’s already expired! But some niche events can cost much more than even these, like the Secret Solstice music festival in Reykjavík, Iceland, which can be attended only after purchasing a $1 million ticket (wait till you see what’s included in this price). Even TED Talks can cost a person as much as $250,000.

But by far the biggest upcoming event is the SpaceX launch of the first Mars colonizers, which is slated for the year 2024. Can you guess what a ticket on this flight will cost? Watch this video to see the price for this spaceflight, and many others, as we take a look at the most expensive events you could ever experience.

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